Message from the Chairman Kurthan Tarakçıoğlu Online shopping is rapidly improving in our country. In Turkey, with its young generation using social channels intensively, habits and needs about vehicle ownership is also changing.

We have started restructuring in March 2014 and aimed to make it the best platform in its category. As a team, our objectives were to expand the car rental market, to tell millions of Internet users about the advantages of renting vs. owning a car and to popularize car renting by providing a reliable service.

Therefore,, providing rapid and secure online car rental service to its customers all over Turkey through its quality and reliable company network in car rental industry, has become an expert platform in assisting companies to reach significant advantages in corporate car rentals.

Thus, providing a rapid and secure online service as an innovative e-trade platform and by using the advantage of this infrastructure and our expertise, we provide significant gain in corporate car rentals in fulfilling the monthly and long term rental needs of the companies and by our offline "company car rental consultancy" service. is an ever evolving, dynamic, responsive and scalable strategical partner having a working experience with multiple partners. Our website, differing in speed and up-to-dateness, has a wide range of vehicles in big cities and small regional destinations, providing the opportunity to make the best choice suitable for the travel needs of our customers.

Soon, will be commissioning " transfer services" and "international car rental services" and it is restructured in order to provide the most rapid and suitable solution to its customers via its help desk formed by car rental experts., providing a platform you can rent a safely without any surprise costs at drop off, without storing credit card info, tracking each reservation, has a customer services team composed of Vehicle Rental Experts with the capacity of producing alternative solutions.

"It's Nice to Rent" is not only the motto of but also raison d'être. Nowadays, by believing in that renting is the correct option, we are committed to enlightening our customers and perform this mission in various communication channels. On other words, we are the ambassador. We inspire the industry while raising the awareness of consumers.

In short, either individuals or companies are confused about renting for long or short-term, so we guide them. With the magical way of renting a car, we make it easier to rent a car and give an end to time and cost losses with our expertise.

If you want to experience the freedom of reaching out an automobile with the most appropriate conditions, we will be single click away.You will be the winner.

Respectfully and sincerely...
Kurthan Tarakçıoğlu

Who is Kurthan Tarakçıoğlu? Kurthan Tarakçıoğlu worked as a senior manager at significant players of the automotive industry such as Opel Turkey and Hyundai Assan and led the revolutionary transformation of these brands in Turkey. Mr. Tarakçıoğlu, especially during his senior management , has been a leader committed to Integrated Marketing, Communication and Entrepreneurship. Providing innovative and need-orientated solutions for automotive related sectors via his automotive and marketing communication consultancy company (KTConsulting), Mr. Tarakçıoğlu is company consultant for many international companies as well as an technology entrepreneur with various Internet investments.